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Biotopix Cream 50ml advanced anti-wrinkle treatment

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Biotopix cream 50ml


Biotopix Cream 50ml advanced anti-wrinkle treatment


Advanced Wrinkle Treatment

BIOTOPIX ® is the first product on the market containing BOTOSYNCHRON ® , an exclusive four active molecules ( peptides ) the combination of destructive wrinkles and acting on several levels.

Skin aging is characterized by the appearance of wrinkles . There are two categories of wrinkles :

· Gravitational wrinkles appear on the skin and muscle relaxation in the context of changes in deep layers of the skin ( dermis and epidermis line) and due to gravity .
· Wrinkles are due to muscular work and are characterized by persistent skin folds support for mime .

These folds are different categories of origin, and must be treated with active ingredients, active wrinkles.

For the first time, a unique BIOTOPIX ® formula allows for combining active components operating at different levels.

Palmitolio dipeptide -5 , and diamine butiolio hidroksiteoninas palmitolio dipeptide -6 is a highly active peptides which stimulate the synthesis of major proteins that make up the dermis and epidermis by transformation and connection in a way that restores elasticity , increases skin tone and firmness, clearly improves the appearance and disappearance gravity fold .

Palmitolio tripeptide -5 stimulates collagen synthesis in the dermis , which fills in deep wrinkles and decreases sharply in a short period of time.

Dipeptide diaminobutirolio benzylamide diacetate properties similar to botulinum toxin . Annulling the nerve signals to the skin and reduces the release of neurotransmitters , it relaxes the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes caused by facial expression muscles.

BIOTOPIX ® tested in clinical trials.

Study of 45 volunteers were observed over 28 days of forehead wrinkles reduced up to 52 % .

Another study found that BIOTOPIX ® increased skin elasticity by 35% , and the tone - 31% in less than two months of use .

After 3 months of use of collagen fibers has improved by 60%.

Taking BIOTOPIX ® significantly improves the appearance of the skin , reduces both gravity and mimic wrinkles and improves overall skin appearance .

BIOTOPIX ® safety tested in many studies that have confirmed the safety of full normal use .

instructions for use

On completely clean skin Apply BIOTOPIX ® and gently massage that well absorbed .

BIOTOPIX ® should be taken twice a day, morning and evening is recommended . Avoid simultaneous use any other stimulating cream.

Make-up can only do so completely absorbed BIOTOPIX ® .

Airless dispenser , 50 ml .

Do not store above 25 0C temperature. Keep out of the reach of children .

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