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Food supplement Lidonium 42 tab.

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Lidonium - food supplement in weakened cell-mediated immunity , in order to improve the quality of life of cancer patients , as well as in the stomach , intestines , liver and gall bladder duct ,


Food supplement Lidonium 42 tab.

new step in the quality of life of cancer patients towards

Modern medicine has ambitious goals to defeat cancer. But while these medicines are developed , we are trying to improve the quality of life of patients . In collaboration with the Institute of Oncology of phytotherapy laboratory has been developed for special medical purposes Lidonium .

This special medical food product is for the dietary management of weakened cell-mediated immunity , cancer prevention in order to improve the quality of life of cancer patients , as well as in the stomach , intestines , liver and gall bladder duct , respiratory spasms , inflammation , and is used under medical supervision professionals.

Lidonium rich in a variety of active substances that may have positive effects on many bodily functions : digestion, immune system, nervous system , respiratory system , mucous membranes and skin , urinary system, and so on.

Chelidonium dry- grass extract contains alkaloids : Chelidonine , berberine , sangvinarino , chelitrino , celandine , organic acids, carotenoids, flavonoids. It was found that the active substance ugniažolėje helps increase bile secretion , has spasmolytic effects similar to papaverine , thus reducing digestive smooth muscle spasms, can help relieve pain and calm . Alkaloid berberine helps propel bile. Sangvinarinas by increasing the amount of acetylcholine , helping to improve the momentum spread of the neuromuscular junctions . Chelitrinas inhibit CNS activity, and therefore of great celandine herb can be used as an aid in the gall bladder and tract function is to maintain , improve biliary excretion , if these ailments are due to a malfunction of the nervous regulation . Overdose can cause nausea , vomiting , respiratory center inhibition.

Marigold flowers dry- extract essential oils , Mentone , gamma - terpinene , flavonoids, quercetin derivatives, saponins , kalenduliozidų , carotenoids , polysaccharides and others.

These substances have anti-inflammatory properties and can help speed up the appearance of granulation and wound healing and reduce pain. Has immunomodulating , antioxidant , antiviral, antibacterial , anti-cancer properties. Helps to improve sleep for a soothing effect on the CNS.

Plantain leaf extract is a dry- glycosides - aucubin , polysaccharides , tannins , flavonoids , zinc , potassium, mucus, cultures , kartumynų organic acids. Plantain leaf extract active ingredients work spasmolytically helps improve cough, reduce swelling , heal wounds and ulcers, improve epithelization aid of bile and urine , to reduce intestinal inflammation and has anti-tumor , imunostimuliojančių and coagulation properties.

Lidonium containing the amino acids and glutathione - a three- amino acid compound that has antioxidant properties . Glutathione is known as the mother of all antioxidants - it is not only the most help to protect cells from oxidative stress, but also regenerate other antioxidants its function redundant . Certain forms of glutathione in the body shows the ratio of the body's oxidative reductive condition that determines the risk of oxidative stress . These components are characterized immunomodulatory , detoxifying , anti-tumor effect, helps to protect the body from radiation and helps remove heavy metals from the body, essential for protein synthesis . L- methionine is used to treat liver problems - Helps protect against the accumulation of fat in the liver and helps maintain normal production of lecithin , has antidepressant properties - it helps to maintain a good mood, reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue . L- cysteine ​​is essential for the synthesis of collagen . Helps to reduce the harmful effects of radiation , which may be given chemotherapy or radiation therapy .

Directions: Adults and children over 12 years : Take 1 tablet 2 times a day for 5-10 minutes. before meals with half a glass of water.

Ingredients: marigold ( Calendula officinalis L.) dried flowers extract , croscarmellose sodium, narrow- leaved plantain ( Plantago lanceolata L.) leaf dry extract , corn starch , anti-caking agent , microcrystalline cellulose , great celandine ( Chelidonium majus L.) herb dry extract glutathione , L- methionine , L- cysteine ​​, calcium stearate , selenium tablets are coated with shellac , ammonium bicarbonate , sodium carboxymethylcellulose, Miglyol ( fractionated coconut oil) , glycerin , talc.

Nutritional value: one tablet ( 0.715 g ) of 0.33 g protein , 0.51 g carbohydrate , 0.015 grams of fat , 14.82 kJ / kcal 3,48 . Each tablet contains 150 mg of marigold (Calendula officinalis L. ) flowers dry extract 5:1 , 100 mg narrow- leaved plantain ( Plantago lanceolata L.) leaf dry extract 4:1 50 mg Chelidonium ( Chelidonium majus L.) herb dry extract 4:1 , 50 mg of glutathione , 20 mg of L- methionine , 20 mg of L- cysteine ​​and 30 mg of selenium (54.5 % of the recommended daily intake ) .


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